Natural Medicine For High Blood Pressure

apimanu HypertoSan® against hypertension
apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda contains among other things two of the most successful active ingredients for cardic patients in order to manage high blood pressure (hypertension) as well as to treat heard diseases, like chronic heart insufficiency (NYHA II-IV) or to prevent heart attack (angina pectoris). Clinical studies have shown, that the active ingredients of apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda lower the blood pressure of patients, who suffer from hypertension, significantly.
apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda can:
- lower and manage (systolic & diastolic) blood pressure
- prevent heart attack (angina pectoris)
- lower stroke risk
- disolve clots
- lower pain of Restless-Leg-Syndrom
- improve the blood circulation
- improve blood flow
- eliminate types of heart-rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias)
- limit the amount of cholesterol deposited on artery walls

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