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apimanu Diabgymna® - diabetes natural medicine
apimanu Diabgymna - ayurveda® contains Asclepiadacae,an ayurvedic healing plant growing in India, applied for centuries by indian doctors in order to control blood sugar. During clinical tests, diabetis patients were given extracts of Asclepiadacae acid, with the result of significant improvement of their blood sugar levels.
  • Asclepiadacae acid promotes the normalization of blood sugar levels,
  • it supports the body's ability of producing insulin within the cells,  
  • it appears to be able to stimulate the organism in order to regenerate insulin-producing beta cells 
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apimanu HypertoSan® against hypertension
apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda contains among other things two of the most successful active ingredients for cardic patients in order to manage high blood pressure (hypertension) as well as to treat heard diseases, like chronic heart insufficiency (NYHA II-IV) or to prevent heart attack (angina pectoris). Clinical studies have shown, that the active ingredients of apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda lower the blood pressure of patients, who suffer from hypertension, significantly.
apimanu HypertoSan® ayurveda can:
- lower and manage (systolic & diastolic) blood pressure
- prevent heart attack (angina pectoris)
- lower stroke risk
- disolve clots
- lower pain of Restless-Leg-Syndrom
- improve the blood circulation
- improve blood flow
- eliminate types of heart-rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias)
- limit the amount of cholesterol deposited on artery walls

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apimanu NeurotoSan® - natural medicine against depression
apimanu NeurotoSan® contains among other things two of the most successful active ingredients for decreasing depression, stimulating the nervous system, enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue and treating symptoms of asthenia subsequent to intense physical and psychological stress, and preventing high altitude sickness. The 2 main active ingredients are: St. John`s Wort Extract (1,5 % Hyperforin) and Rhodiola Rosea Extrakt (3 % Rosavin)


  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Headche
  • Migraine
  • Physical Stress
  • Phychological Stress
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apimanu LebertoSan® for a healthy liver function
apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda helps maintain healthy liver function.  
apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda stimulates the flow of bile from the liver, the primary function of which breaks down poisons and fats. 


  • Fetty liver associated with diabetes
  • Fetty liver associated with long term alcohol
  • Liver demage from drugs
  • Liver demage from industrial toxins
  • Chronical inflammatory liver diseases
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OlivoSan® - cholersterol-vital-complex
OlivoSan® is a natural manager for
  • revitalizing lipid metabolism processes,
  • contributing to a normal cardiovascular system,
  • contributing to a normal blood pressure and normal homocysteine ​​metabolism.
  • In addition, OlivoSan® is a very powerful antioxidant and helps prevent oxidative stress.
  • Manages the cholesterol level
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